Using Makeup To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Written by Kimberly in: Makeup

4 Oct 2012
Using Makeup To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

In all my years of being a makeup artist, this is one of the questions I get asked the most: How do I use makeup to make my eyes look bigger? Well it’s not as difficult as you might think, especially with my help! I’m here to give you some great tips and pointers to really make your eyes pop.

Here are some key things to remember when making your eyes look bigger:

  • Darker on the outside, lighter on the inside:

    This is probably the most important tip to remember! When applying your eye shadow and liner, it’s crucial to keep the light colors on the inner corner of the eye and the darker ones on the outside. Doing so will help to make you’re eyes look much bigger and more open. Remember to blend so you don’t see where the colors start and end, it should be a nice, gradual fade. The darkest color should be at the outer most corner of your eye and fade into your crease. When doing the application, I like to think of the motion I use as a horizontal “V” with the corner part of the “V” matching up with the corner of the eye and to open part of the “V” fading into the crease.

  • Shimmer, shimmer!:

    Shimmery eye shadows reflect the light and help bring things out. When making your eyes look bigger, use a very light, or even a white shimmer on the inner most corner of your eye (even underneath) to really open up your eye area. Again, make sure you blend!

  • Line it up:

    Liner is essential in helping your eyes stand out. To really make them pop, I like to really focus the liner on the outer corner of the eye and blend inward. You don’t want to be able to see where the liner starts and stops, it should be a gradual fade. It’s totally up to you and your personal preference as far as if you go super defined, or sexy and smudgy on the liner. Make sure to line both on top and underneath for maximum results.

Tip For more dramatic results, use contrasting light (on the inside) and dark (on the outside) colors. The lighter the light and darker the dark, the more dramatic the results will be. If your preference is more natural, you can do a more monotone color scheme still using the light and dark technique.

Here’s a fun experiment… Try doing just one eye with the tips I gave and then look at the difference. It really is remarkable what a little makeup can do!

So that’s how to make your eyes look bigger! Don’t worry, you can totally do this! If you’re nervous, then try a neutral version and work your way up to a more dramatic look. Remember, it’s only makeup! If you don’t like something, you can take it off and change it! Just be brave and have fun. You know what they say… the eyes have it!

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