Keeping Your Makeup Looking Fresh In the Summer Heat

Written by Kimberly in: Makeup

6 Jul 2011
Keeping Your Makeup Looking Fresh In the Summer Heat

It’s officially summertime, hooray! Time for fun in the sun! There’s just one problem… how do you keep your freshly applied Summer makeup from melting off your face when the sun is shining bright? Also, how do you keep your makeup looking good when you’re all sweaty?

I get asked questions about Summer beauty tips a lot this time of year. No doubt it can be frustrating, but there is hope! I just so happen to have some suggestions that will make a big difference. :)

First of all, let me say that less is best when it comes to Summer makeup! When it’s hot and/or sticky outside, you want to put on as little makeup as possible. Avoid heavy foundations and concealers all together; the heavier and thicker the foundation, the more it will cake and separate in the heat. You’ll also sweat more since you’re skin won’t be able to breath as well. My suggestion is to either go without foundation and spot cover with a light weight, waterproof concealer (my favorite is Lancome’s Effacernes) or use a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation.

Also, and probably most importantly, stay away from powders! Powder makeup is not your friend in the heat and humidity! It won’t stick on your face, it gets cakey when you perspire, and looks all blotchy and uneven. If you’re oily and need to absorb excess oil, then try oil blotting sheets (Shisiedo’s are awesome) to actually remove the extra oil from your face instead of adding powder to a sweaty, oily face.

Here are a few other suggestions I have to keep your makeup looking fresh in the summer heat:

  • Cream it up:

    You already know how much I adore cream blush, and it is perfect for Summer weather! It will stay on all day and not cake or streak when you and the temperature heat up. There are also tons of cream eye shadows out there! A crease-less cream eye shadow is the perfect solution for fading and/or creasing. You can layer most formulas, but I would go with no more then two shades, one light highlighter for the brow and one mid tone for the crease and lid. Or keep it super simple with one light, neutral all over shade with an eyeliner and mascara and call it good.

  • Stain power:

    Cheek and lip stains are a great alternative to using creams and powders. They can seem a bit intimidating at first, I know, but trust me when I say they are very user friendly and usually apply very sheer so you can build up the color to what’s comfortable for you. They’re also perfect for the beach since most of them are water resistant!

  • Get waterproofed:

    As you know, there are many cosmetic companies out there that make a multitude of products that are waterproof ranging everywhere from cream eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara to even lipstick and foundation. The most common, and one I think every woman should have for Summer, is a waterproof mascara. I know it can be tricky to remove, but a good eye makeup remover will take care of that. I also find a good waterproof eyeliner can also come in handy. Whether I’m headed to the beach or pool, or it’s just a super hot day, it’s nice to have an eyeliner that will stay in place all day.

Tip To avoid unwanted eye makeup smudging under your eyes, apply eyeliner and mascara to only the upper lid. You can have some fun by playing up a little winged eyeliner for a bit of a classic, retro look. Not putting anything on the bottom lashes will eliminate the possibility of it smudging and smearing in the heat!

To me, the Summertime look is as natural as possible. Of course you still want to play up your best features, but let your skin breathe! Show off your freckles… they’re adorable! Keep the eye makeup minimal and go for a bold, bright lip. It should look and feel as care free as possible.

So remember my darlings, keep things simple, stay away from powders and maybe look into getting a few key waterproof items. Following these few suggestions will keep you looking flawless, fresh and fabulous all Summer long!

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