My Love Affair With Cream Blush

Written by Kimberly in: Makeup

14 Apr 2011
My Love Affair With Cream Blush

Cream blush… oh how I love thee! You give my cheeks a radiant, healthy glow and blend seamlessly into my skin. You last all day and look so soft and natural. What did I ever do without you?!

Seriously, what did I do before cream blush? Well, I used powder of course! Looking back now, I can hardly believe there was ever a time that I didn’t love it, but there was. I honestly don’t remember what the problem was. I think I was afraid of it. Afraid of it streaking, or feeling greasy, or not blending… whatever! It was new and different and I just didn’t understand how amazing cream blush can be!

Now don’t misunderstand, powder blush is perfectly fine and I still do use it occasionally. But who wants “fine” when you can have “wow!”? Still not convinced? Alright, here’s what I want you to do: Apply powder blush on one cheek (or the back of your hand) and apply cream blush on the other. Now step back and look in the mirror. Which one looks more natural? Which one has more glow and radiance? If you left them on all day, which one stayed on longer and looks fresher? I suspect the cream blush side will be the answer to all those questions.

So why not try a cream blush?! Scared? Nervous?? Well don’t be! Here are a few tips for wearing and applying cream blush:

  • A Sheer Thing:

    When looking for a cream blush, you want to make sure that the color is sheer (meaning you can still see your skin through it when you put it on) and creamy feeling on your skin. The sheerness is important because it makes it easier to achieve your desired intensity as well as make for effortless blending.

  • Color Match:

    You want to choose a color that your skin would naturally blush. For most of us, that means a pink shade, or if you prefer, a soft peach works beautifully too.

  • Application Location:

    When applying cream blush, using your fingers, start at the apple (the fleshy part of your cheek) of your cheek and blend upwards. I always like to start lighter and build up the color as needed, but if you get too much you can easily tone it down with a makeup sponge or tissue.

Tip Did you know that cream blush also makes a lovely lip balm? It’s true! Just apply it on your lips with your finger for a soft, natural color. Add a little lip gloss on top for extra sparkle.

I know you might not understand my obsession, but that just means you’ve probably never tried it (or at least a good one). Don’t be afraid… go out and see for yourself! I have no doubt that very soon, you’ll be in love too. :)

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