Is It OK To Not Wear Makeup To Work?

Written by Kimberly in: Makeup

21 Apr 2011
Is It OK To Not Wear Makeup To Work?

Is it OK to not wear makeup to work? Hmmm… interesting question isn’t it? For me personally the answer is it’s definitely not OK to not wear makeup at work! It’s actually part of my job requirement, but that’s what happens when you work at a makeup counter! :)

So what about everyone else? Teachers? Office workers? Food service? Medical workers? Sales people? Is it okay if they don’t wear makeup? Well, honestly, the answer is of course it’s “okay”… no one would probably be that upset about it. However, you need to ask yourself exactly how you want to be perceived? How do you think your co-workers, customers/students/patients or boss would perceive you? Do you think they would say you’re the most professional? Unfortunately, it’s not always about your quality of work, but also about the image you portray.

When you take the time to put on a little makeup, it says you care. You care about being polished, professional and being the best YOU you can be. It says you’re detail oriented and are prepared for anything. I know it seems silly and perhaps even a bit shallow, but it’s true.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not telling you to get all glammed up to go to work… in fact doing so could have a negative reaction as well! There is definitely a fine line! What I’m saying is a little lipstick and mascara can go a long way.

Ultimately this is something that every woman must decide for herself. If you’re not into wearing makeup, that’s totally fine, but I implore you to at least try out wearing a little and see what happens. How did others react? How did it make you feel??

So what do you think? Is it okay not to wear makeup? Be honest! How do YOU react when you see a sales person, or real estate agent, or food service person with out makeup. See! That’s all I’m saying! Everybody does it, it’s just human nature. It’s such an easy fix, too!

Here’s the bare minimum: Some sort of lip color (lipstick, gloss, or lip stain), A little cheek color, and at least mascara on the eyes. That’s it! You can totally do that!

Look girls, this is nothing new. I’ve talked about it before. People do judge you for how you look. It sucks, I know! But with a little effort you can change the way people perceive you. YOU have the power to do that! No one but you. Knowing that is half the battle, the other half is totally up to you. You can choose to take my advice and run with it and see what happens, or ignore me. Either way, I’m all about you feeling and looking your best ALL the time. :)

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