Getting Rid Of Red Eyes

Written by Kimberly in: Makeup

31 Jan 2011
Getting Rid Of Red Eyes

Getting rid of red, bloodshot eyes caused by allergies, stress, lack of sleep, wearing your contacts for too long, or even staring at the computer all day can be a challenge. Like you, I hate having red, irritated eyes! It’s so frustrating and unattractive, and you look like you’ve been out partying all night when you actually spent a quiet evening at home and went to bed early.

So what to do? Don”t worry, there’s no need to hide behind your sunglasses or stay inside the house. Here are some great tips to help get rid of those red, irritated eyes.

  • Drop(s) in:

    Anti-redness eye drops like Visine are the quickest and easiest way to relieve red and irritated eyes. They work by constricting the tiny blood vessels in the eye and pretty much work on contact. If your red eyes are caused by allergies (like mine) then you can use an antihistamine eye drop to help combat itchiness as well as redness. (Talk to your Doctor for suggestions) I keep eye drops in my purse so I can get instant relief when needed.

  • Color change:

    If you’ve got red eyes but no eye drops, try to avoid using pink, purple or bronze for your eye makeup. Those colors will only accentuate the redness and make things worse. This is, of course, much easier to achieve if you know ahead of time when you’re eyes will be red, such as hay fever. Go for cooler shades like grays, blues, or taupes.

  • Cool down:

    Another reason for having red eyes is because of dryness and lack of moisture. Putting a cool washcloth or a damp washcloth wrapped around a few ice cubes on your eyes and letting it set for about twenty minutes can help restore your eyes back to their normal state. This will help with puffiness as well. Woo hoo! Multi-tasking!

Tip If you’ve tried all of the above with no success, then you need to make sure that it’s not your eye makeup, your eye cream, and/or eye makeup remover that you’re sensitive to. Also make sure not to put your eye cream to close to your eye; it should be applied on your orbital bone and away from the very edge of your eyes themselves.

Sheesh! Just talking about all of this has made my eyes feel itchy and irritated!

There are many reasons we get red, irritated eyes, but this quick overview of how to deal with your run-of-the-mill red eyes should help you out. If you think you might have an eye infection, please go see your doctor right away! (Visine and makeup tricks won’t fix it.) Take care of yourself. Live well and be well. Let’s get the red out and show off those gorgeous eyes!

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